Wall Chart Dry Firing System

AAA-27 yard shooter develops the Wall Chart to help you learn how to win at home.

Comments from Wall Chart users

Simply the best investment I have made in this game. I could not believe the jerky moves you could make to the target, which become quite noticeable when dry firing without the recoil. I took January and February off this year and when I started again in March I was amazed at how smooth everything was right off the bat. Thanks again Terry.


I have used Terry’s wall chart for six years now. It has helped me improve my gun mount (more consistent and comfortable where I am putting the gun), and has improved my stamina from doing all the chart exercises. It has saved me thousands of dollars in practice fees and shell costs over the years that I have been using it. It has been a good investment for improving my game in the comfort in my own home.

Joe Mc Gorman AAA-26-AAA

I have one. One of the best investments I’ve made. I broke a 97 a couple of weeks ago at Red Mountain and I am shooting better all the time. My better half has improved a great deal she broke a 91 at Red Mt. and is starting to like this sport.


I started shooting ATA in l984, Terry took me under his wing and started to coach me. One of the things I remember is his painting, (to scale) of a trap field on his basement wall. It looked just like the background of the Grand. His wall chart has been a valuable tool for me over the last seven years. As I’ve gone from D class 20 yards to AAA 27. Moving the gun quickly and smoothly to the target is a must and working with Terry’s wall chart will help you do that. His chart is worth every penny. Break them all.

Bill Wylie

I just wanted to let you know about my experiences with your wall chart. I entered my second ATA shoot this weekend and won C class singles with a 98. I have never shot even close to that before. No doubt about it your chart does work. I had several people come up to me and comment about how smooth and fluid my mount and move is. I have been using the chart two to four times a week as my travel schedule allows. Usually 25 from the l6 yard distance and 25 from the 24 yard distance. I have probably shot less than 25 rounds in the last 3 months. It has helped my confidence tremendously. Thanks for a great product.

Terry it has really worked out great for me. In the last 2000 I have only missed 11 targets, smooth isn’t the word. I have it set up in the basement now and try to do 100 a night. The thing that helped me the most is pointing the gun in the right spot, getting the picture of where to point the gun.


I don’t get on here very often and when I do I try to stay out of product endorsements or non endorsements. But, this is a no brainer, if you use it you will be able to tell yourself when you make a good or bad move. I got one from Terry to take with me to clinics (and I am going to use it personally this winter myself), unfortunately I only carry it when I drive and not when I fly so many times my students won’t get the opportunity to actually hands on test it, I think it is an excellent product but, only if you use it. There are lots of things that would help many shooters if they utilized them, unfortunately many times the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. When that happens it is your fault the product didn’t produce not the product itself AND I get no commission and have not received any monetary re-numeration from Terry.

Phil Kiner

I just got mine from Terry to try for a month 2 weeks ago. I just broke my first 25 after using it.


When I took a clinic from Harlan Campbell he had Terry’s Wall Chart with him and set it up as part of his clinic. It was really funny seeing one guy dry fire at the chart and with his left hand flinch pull the barrel of the gun down about 8-10 inches even with a snap cap. It will expose some faults and give you a smoother move to the target.


I have been working with the chart more and more and I am seeing a more fluent move to the target. With working with two eyes and the chart my flinch is essentially gone. Thanks again for the advice my flinch is essentially gone.

I started shooting for the first time last March at the start of our summer league. Most of my scores were in the upper 20s to low 30s. I started to use the chart around the July to August time frame. My scores went up immediately my average so far in the winter league is 45 hitting 25 straight 3 times.

Terry. Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I like my Wall Chart. I have been using it 3 or 4 nights a week, 200 per night. My move feels so smooth, and for some reason I’m seeing the target a lot better. I won the non-resident Handicap Championship at the Idaho State shoot last weekend with a 98. I also shot my best all-around score of 391 for the non-resident crown. Thanks for your good advice and great product.


I think it’s a perfectly logical way to go about training your mind and body to look and move to the target properly. The system helps “groove” your move to the target. Just ask any good and avid golfer how important it is to develop a “grooved swing” to be consistent and to win. Before using the system I typically averaged from 86-88 in caps. Now I stay around 92 and as high as .935 for the entire year. Buy It.

Barry C. Roach

I have been using it for a few months now and it really smoothes out your swing and it reinforces the correct lead and sight picture, I highly recommend it, Terry is a great guy and a wealth of information.

Terry I won 11 trophies at the Illinois State shoot. I have worked hard on the dry-firing, my averages are soaring and it is thanks to you and your chart.


I finally got my 100 straight. I would like to thank you so very much for the chart. After all the wins at my state Shoot I have just shot a 97 from my new yardage 24 yards. That is 3 punches in 3 shoots, my singles average is at 94.68 after last year at 90.55. I haven’t shot under a 95 in the last 1200 targets.


Terry. After a month of practice with the Wall Chart, here are the results from this weekend at Ft. Worth Trap and Skeet Club (Ft. Worth Texas). My handicap average has been 90 (scores ranging from 85 to 92). Over the weekend, I shot a 99 (from the 23 yard line, earning 1 yard), and shot a 98 from the 24 yard line, earning 1 yard). My total handicap score was a 197, the next highest score was a 188. I continue to practice daily and furiously with the Wall Chart, I have a tournament next weekend.


The wall chart struck again!!!

I shot the singles at the Silver Dollar today and missed (lifted my head) on the third target out and ran the rest for a 99. Didn’t shoot the caps, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. It’s coming---it’s coming.


I am enjoying the dry-firing practice more than I thought I would. I will practice diligently for the next three weeks and then hit another shoot. I know this method of Practice is going to make a positive difference for me, thanks for a great product.

I was in a horrible slump when I ordered mine. Immediately my scores jumped back up from the low 90s to high 90s again. This product is WELL worth the money. I love mine, better moves, better scores…. You can’t ask for much more.

Thanks Terry, I received the chart about 2 weeks ago. I started off with 150-200 dry fires once a day and have gone to 125 in the morning and 125 in the evening. What a difference it has already made! I broke my first 100 of this year in registered singles and also won our Thursday night handicap shoot since using the chart. The correct lead and sight picture come instantly and my swing is very smooth and precise. I can only imagine what a few months will do.

I started using the Wall Chart a bout 3 months ago. I won C class at a local county shoot 2 weeks ago. I broke 48/50, in windy cold weather. I tied for high over-all singles and shot off with a AA and an A class shooters and lost the HOA by 1 target. I have been shooting 23-25 consistently in weekly practice.

I shot my first registered targets today since getting the wall chart from Terry. Last year the average of my first 5 shoots was 78.2 with a high score of 87. Today the temperature was well below freezing and I shot a 95. I’m very happy with mine.

Bill Malcolm

Usually, when I’m at a registered shoot, I always start out jittery and nervous and miss targets as a result. What I discovered yesterday, is how I was able to think about the field as a “live” version of the wall chart and easily tuned out all thoughts other than going through the move and pulling the trigger just like I do on the wall chart. Since I have been dry firing outside with the sun at my back, looking at the wall chart taped up on the side of my carport, there was a surprising similarity between the chart and the gun club field. The two activities just blended together in my mind and I was able to ignore the usual set of nerve wracking concerns that take over when I’m shooting registered targets. I was relaxed and consistent and able to turn the shoot into a “bloody drill”.

I received your wall chart about 2-weeks ago and have been using it for about 1-week now—dry firing l00 rounds a day. It felt a bit awkward at first but after about 75 rounds it started coming together and feeling pretty natural. I immediately realized why I’ve been struggling with the occasional straight-away, there is little room for error there for jerky movement to the target and I found myself jerking to one side or the other on numerous occasions as I clicked the trigger. The wall chart seemed to serve as a freeze frame and I could immediately see where target focus and smoothness is critical for consistent shooting. I caught myself on numerous occasions shooting at the rear edge of the targets..LOSS!! I’ve dry fired more than 900 rounds now and have already noticed that my move to the target is considerably smoother and my timing more consistent. I’m also not jerking the trigger like I had been initially, it really showed during the first l00 rds. of dry fire practice, something that I wasn’t really conscious of when shooting on the line. You’ve got a wonderful training aid there Terry! I won’t be mailing it back to you either, my payment check will be in the mail this afternoon. Also, thanks for allowing me to try it before buying it, you can’t beat a deal like that! Incidentally, this “factory 2nd” looks pretty darned good. You’d have to look pretty hard to notice anything “not quite right” about it. The small line in the grass hasn’t distracted me yet and most golf courses don’t even look that good! Thanks again Terry. Hope you have a successful shooting year!

Hi Terry. I have evolved my way of using the chart. I stand at the proper distance with no gun, and visualize the breaks in my mind. I go over my “reset phrases” and just shoot the birds in my head. I find it just as effective as pointing the gun. I spent 15 minutes before the Family Fair shoot on the chart, and on and off visualizing that night while watching TV. I went to the shoot feeling pretty confident and broke the 100 straight (January in Canada).

Before the Family Fair I had not shot the gun in 6 weeks. I know this doesn’t do a lot for muscle memory but it sure helps you to “stay in the moment” when your shooting. Say Hello to Nancy.


Since I got the new gun, and started using the chart I’ve won 3 HOA in a row at the state shoot here. One year I won the HOA and the HAA. Have a great Christmas. Thanks for the picture.


When I started and when we show anyone the chart it’s jerk city. Ronnie was amazed that he even jerked a bunch. We have both smoothed out and I think for me it’s a combination of the chart and working with Harlan at the Grand. I am finally getting comfortable with what he had me change and where he has me looking. The chart definitely got my flinch problem straightened out. If you want another endorsement you’ve got one here. Thanks for all your help wish I had it years ago.


I’ve been using Terry’s wall chart for several years and it is an important piece in my training. It helps perfect your gun mount and gives you something familiar to work your eyes with (trap house, sky back ground, clouds and targets). Terry is always helpful and approachable in helping new shooters, he got me shooting a higher stock two years ago and it has help my handicap immensely.

Joe McGorman

Hi Terry: I received the chart on Thursday and practiced 200 dry fires the same day, 200 on Friday and on Saturday. I shot 50 straight in practice smoking most of the birds. Fantastic training tool.


Hi Terry,
I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how happy Suzie and I are with the Wall Chart. It’s only been a couple of months but what a difference it makes. I would really struggle before with a certain target with the Wall Chart I just practice, practice and boom problem over.

Since we got it I have my first 100 straight in ATA competition and numerous 99’s and 98. I shoot 97 and above on a regular basis now. As a matter of fact if I shoot a 97 I’m bummed out. I can remember when a 97 was time of celebration The Wall Chart has changed all that.

I managed a win in our local Zone shoot here taking A class trophy with a score of 197. In our local league I am high gun right now a position I never occupied before. Suzie has run 125 straight in practice which is just amazing. Both of us now shoot 25 straight with regularity. It’s no longer an odd occurrence. Anyhow Thank you for the Wall Chart and all your help. More success to come.

Best, Mike and Suzie Sudz

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