AAA-27 yard shooter develops wall chart to help you learn how to win at home.

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"As a shooting instructor, I see many variations and ideas on how and where to look, hold, and shoot on a given trap field. Terry's wall chart system allows me to hold time still so I can teach the shot. Its important components allow the students to learn the feel of the shot without the anxiety of a missed target. Terry's Wall Chart system is a tool that works plain and simple. " Harlan Campbell.

AAA 27 yard shooter Bill Wylie:
"I started using this system in 1984, I still use it today, it works."

Drew Waller 3/21/03
"I became so inactive this winter here in Ohio because of the weather, when I did finally did get to shoot my shotgun it felt like it weighed 50 lbs... Right away I hung up a target on the wall to start exercising to get my shooting muscles back into some sort of shape to go to Tucson. This is what I've done for years to get back into shape. Now Terry has put together a mural to hang on the wall with several targets to do these exercises. This has really helped me over the years to get back up to speed with my shooting muscles. Weight lifting will not get it. You have to pickup the shotgun, cock the action, close it, shoulder it, move it, snap the trigger on a snap cap at a target on the wall, eject the shell, and start all over. Let me tell you, this will get your shooting muscles ready. I really like the airport background used on this wall chart. I would recommend this piece of equipment for all of us who sit around too much every winter waiting for Spring. Thanks to Terry I can practice in the basement very cheap.Thanks again."

Brad Dysinger
"I have shot with Terry quite a few times over the last 15 years, I know he has used his Wall Chart Dry Firing method since the early 1980's with good success. I have one and I think it is a fine product." .

Paul Shaw, Collingwood, ON, Canada
"Terry's wall chart system is ideal for developing and maintaining proficiency off-range. Canada has some severe weather conditions when shooting is difficult. This system enables you to practice swing, lead and visualize ink-balls against a virtual multi-target backround.
Ever wonder why some people who have not been to a trap range in ages can suddenly appear with the smoothness and proficiency of near peak-season?"

Travis Higgs
"As a young trap shooter without much time to get to the gun club on practice days the Wall Chart has always been a cheap affective alternative. I've found you can start to move the gun at home a few nights before you leave for the shoot and when you get there you will be moving the gun like you had shot 300 targets the day before. I believe the Wall Chart has helped lead me to all of my achievements in trap, like three Provincial Sub-Junior titles, the Provincial Handicap Championship of Ontario and the All-Around Championship of Ontario, Canadian Championship awards, also several trophies from clubs all over Ontario and the United States including the Grand American, a 100 straight in doubles and made the 27 yard line as a Junior. I think if your looking to get more practice and just do not have the time, then the Wall Chart is a must have. Travis Higgs."

Phil Kiner
" Terry Jordan's Dry Firing System when used on a regular basis is an excellent product. Phil Kiner."

Chris Vendel

"Terry's Wall Chart is the best product on the market for training new shooters"

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